Diona and Calibre overcome mother nature to deliver an award winning project

02 August 2017

Diona, Calibre and Lismore City Council collaboratively designed and constructed Caniaba Street SPS  which involved an eight meter deep precast wet well, gravity sewer and rising mains, manholes and mechanical and electrical installation.  

The pivotal moment in this project was the deluge of rain in early June 2016 that brought flooding to the site and significantly altered the original methodology. The resultant slumping of the soft soil common in Northern NSW (also known as “Pug”) into the excavation added a new dynamic to the site, requiring substantial modifications to temporary works arrangements. As a result, the project team was faced with the challenge of continuing down a further two and a half metres in saturated “Pug” whilst safely conducting works in an unstable excavation. 

“Whilst working hard to deliver to the client’s schedule, every step of the way the safety of our people remained our first consideration. Through careful planning and risk management, numerous simultaneous high-risk activities including; confined space, deep excavation, piling, significant lifts, plant interaction, working at heights were carried out safely despite the confines of this severely restricted site,” said Diona Senior Project Manager Chris Fenner. 


Even with the difficulties encountered, zero health, safety or environmental incidents were recorded. Furthermore, the Council’s budget was met with savings achieved through an innovative use of recycled glass backfill. 

The determination of the Diona and Calibre team to overcome obstacles and apply innovative thinking strengthened the excellent working relationships and resulted in a successful project delivery. At project completion, Matt Torr, Engineering Operations Manager for Lismore City Council said “We experienced excellent communication through all stages of the project delivery meeting our expectations. I would unreservedly recommend Diona to carry out similar works in the future”. 

Congratulations to all involved in this achievement.

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