Diona Dresses Loud to Help Deaf Kids

12 January 2016


So here we are at Diona's Sydney office on October 16, enjoying our Loud Shirt Day lunch.

Loud Shirt Day is an annual fundraiser for First Voice Centres. They provide early intervention services for children who are deaf or hearing impaired, and they champion the right of all deaf people to listen and speak. This opens doors to better education and employment choices, social integration with the hearing world, and the chance to contribute to their community.

But First Voice Centres don't receive enough government funding, and rely heavily on corporate and community support to serve the families that need them. Loud Shirt Day is an important part of that.

We turned out in a variety of bright shirts including polka dots, stripes, and floral patterns. Over $350 was raised through personal donations, and Diona matched that resulting in a $700 gift to our local First Voice Centre. We’ll have another go next year of course - we might be even louder!


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