Diona Stars at the CCF Earth Awards

09 February 2016

Winners of Category 1

Diona was delighted to be awarded the prestigious Category 1 Award at the 2015 CCF Earth Awards, for our project at 177 Pacific Highway, North Sydney.

The overall scope of the stormwater diversion works project managed by Daniel Carroll, involved the installation of 100 m of DN 900 Sintakote steel cement lined (SCL) pipe which was connected to the existing Sydney Water system at the north and south end of the site by two new manholes.

During the project planning stage, the main construction consideration was keeping the existing DN 750 stormwater line fully operational until the installation of the new DN 900 system was complete. This was made difficult as, prior to installation of the DN 900 system, the basement slabs along one third of the proposed tower footprint had to be constructed. The lowest basement level was 10 m below the invert level of the existing DN 750 stormwater pipe.

Diona was commended for their overall management and delivery of the project from planning right through to construction and final handover.


WHS Project of Distinction

Diona was honored to be announced the recipient of the WHS Project of Distinction award at the 2015 CCF Earth Awards, in recognition of our outstanding work on the Cattai Creek project

The Cattai Creek contract, project managed by Brian McGuinness, was a very complex and high risk venture. It involved over 4 km of sewer carrier constructed, one micro-tunnel and 200 m of aqueduct. The carrier was installed in a 10 m wide corridor through bush and scrub (40 m high gum trees encasing the 4 kms) which limited access to three roads through private properties. Steep terrain, wet slippery conditions, a fast flowing flooding creek within 5 meters, falling branches from the 40 m high trees and deep excavations ranging from 1 to 8 m.

One of the largest risks was transporting concrete down steep, slippery and uneven terrain to the various man holes being constructed. Normal concrete agi trucks would not have been able to access the site due to the high risk of roll over of plant and potential fatality. Diona successfully managed this risk through consultation between project management and the safety and plant departments. The idea was born to modify and modify a 30 T moxy to an agi moxy and construct a hopper.


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