Diona Delivers a Cracker Project!

02 May 2016

No job is easy when it comes to working with a community and disrupting their routine. When Diona was contracted to construct a concrete culvert and road approaches at Goorangoola Road, Greenlands, it was a different story.

The community was hesitant when the project was initially proposed. However, our team, including Tommy Kelly, Dermot Culleton, David Moore, Mark Carroll, Anthony Crane and Des Leyden worked tirelessly to deliver a top-notch project. Their hard work and dedication meant the project received amazing feedback from both the client and the community.

Though this was a remote project with limited communications, Diona's team strove to develop and maintain good relationships with local property owners and the client. This ensured smooth running of the project, while exceeding all stakeholder expectations.

Our team worked hard to explain the project and its impact to the community, ultimately convincing them of the positive outcome. They have been a great ambassador for the Singleton Council, despite them facing many issues like flooding, trees and more.

The client noted that Diona had an interesting, successful operations culture, adding "They have made an enormous difference to our operations at Greenlands for the future, by pitching in to repair the end of our previously washed away homestead causeway".

With various traffic management, environmental management and rehabilitation works to be considered, this was a challenging project, which has resulted in a very fulfilling outcome for all the parties involved.

The client further added that "the final elevated causeway solution, to me, is both a great and aesthetic piece of engineering for us locals.

Goograngoola Project Before and After


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