House Rules for Facebook

House Rules

Thanks for joining us on Facebook!

This page is a place for you to find out more about Diona, and for you to contribute and talk with our Diona Facebook community.

We have the following House Rules in place to ensure the best experience for everyone on our Facebook page:

Keep it clean

Please keep your comments, language and any images G-rated, appropriate and inoffensive.

Respect our community

This means treating the people on our Facebook page with basic manners. No bullying, threats, discrimination, racism, or name calling.

No spam

Please don't post junk mail to our Facebook page.

Remember that all content you post is bound by Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Standard of content

Content may be removed for Diona's Facebook page at our sole discretion and without notice if it:

             breaks our house rules (see above)

             breaches copyright

             breaches confidentiality

             breaches privacy laws

             contains misrepresentations or misleading information about Diona

             contains defamatory information

             provides links to other Facebook pages, websites or services

             includes information which is considered inappropriate by Diona

By using our Facebook page you agree to comply with our House Rules and standard of content. Facebook users who break our house rules or breach our standard of content may be prevented from accessing Diona's Facebook page at our sole discretion and without notice.

We exercise our rights to remove inappropriate material in accordance with our House Rules and standard of content. However Diona does not accept any liability for the content of the information placed on our Facebook page by third parties.

Comments and images posted by users to our Facebook page may not represent the views of Diona, nor do we endorse or agree with them.

We take your privacy seriously and ask that you do the same if you post on this site, keeping posts free of any personal details. You can read more here.

If you are trying to get in touch with Diona urgently for customer service, your best bet is to get us on the phone. You can phone our community hotline 1300 131 338 and your query will be directed to the most appropriate person.

If you are an employee of Diona, before you interact on our Facebook page, please review the 'Social Media Policy' which is available on DIMS.

Thanks for visiting!


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